Temperatures are cold, the air is harsh and crisp and the mountains are capped. Snow now covers the grass and streets accompanied by the crunch of footsteps. Training has transitioned from roller skiing on the roads to real-time skiing.  Fish can only be out of water for so long. 

Since the middle of October, athletes from all over North America have traveled to Canmore to ski on Frozen Thunder; a two kilometer loop of laid out snow. Using stored snow from the previous winter, the loop allows skiers, such as myself to get onto skis earlier in the year, rather than waiting for nature to do its thing. Skier can be notoriously impatient.

Frozen thunder brings the Nordic community together; clubs and teams from all across the country. It's a rare event to have most of the Canadian racing circuit community outside of a racing event. Catching up with friends trail-side and putting in countless laps around the loop. There were two races held as part of Frozen Thunder; a classic sprint and a distance skate. Both were fun-filled and great opportunities to stretch the lungs.  

The race season is fast approaching. In a week, I will be pulling the bib over my head and lining up on the start line.  I know that I have put the work in, dotted the "i's" and cross the "t's". I'm ready to get this season rolling. 

Frozen Thunder Classic Sprint. Photo Credit: Angus Cockney

Frozen Thunder Distance Race. Photo Credit: Nathaneil Mah

Temple Mountian

Photo Credit: Nick Monette

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