For the past two weeks I have been a guest of Uncle Sam, the US-of-A, the land of the free. Joined by the World Cup team, the Alberta World Cup Academy  headed south to Park City, Utah for the last training camp before the the snow starts to fly. High altitude, warm temperatures, fantastic training venues with beautiful scenery; a can't miss in my books.

At an altitude of 2100 meters, Park City's thin air rival that of the Haig Glacier. On the Haig you have a sense for the elevation, an understanding living in the mountains. In Park City, it is a complete contrast. It took me some time to adjust to breathing in the lighter air, it can be easy to forget that you are training so high up. With intensity sessions at lower altitude venues, Soldiers Hollow and North Salt Lake, and longer easier session in and around Park City, there were always new and interesting places to train. 

Outside of training, hanging out in Park City was a lot of fun. The team embraced the stars and stripes culture by playing flag football multiple times throughout the camp. Cool downtown area, great coffee shops, and the legendary Anaya's Mexican Market. Delicious, authentic Mexican food at an athlete's price point.

Park City was a huge success, and I am very satisfied with the work that I have put in over the past two weeks. A couple days of R&R and then its back to the grind. Soon Frozen Thunder will be in full swing.The plushness of snow is going to feel amazing beneath my feet, opposed to violent vibrations of the pavement. Sublime I tell you. 

"Everything that you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear"

-George Addair

Light peeking through the trees.

Group ski.

Photo Credit: Nick Monette

Photo Credit: Nick Monette

Fall colour wheel. Photo Credit: NIck Monette

Banksy original.


Summit Pano.


Sky, sky, sky.